Writing Prompt: Beginnings

Writing exercises can be just what we need to break through an idea drought, unlock a new perspective, and challenge you to continue developing your writing skills. They can also be a good way to give some structure to a writing habit on a day when you’re just not feeling the motivation.

Each Wednesday the Write 100 team will share a writing prompt or activity. These short posts will be for you to use as part of your writing challenge that day or catalogued on our website for you to return to whenever you need them.

Some days you’ll find an image to inspire you, an opening line, or questions to respond to. It could be anything to stimulate your creative juices and get you thinking. It’s up to you how you use it.

So let’s get writing!


 Write about a beginning in your life. Did you know it when it happened or do you see it now by looking back?

Experiment with different beginnings for your story:  where else could this start–earlier, later? what other voices or perspectives?

If someone asked each primary character in your story “how did this all begin?” how would they answer? What would be similar in their answers? What would be different?

Use the image as a starting point. What strikes you? What’s on the other side of the doors? What’s on this side? Where did the doors come from?


What did you discover today? Share a snippet of your writing in the comments!

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