Writing Prompt: Senses

There’s something fascinating about the way the written word allows us to capture and utilize all five of our senses.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to get it down on the page and make it feel real to your reader, though.

With today’s writing prompts let’s challenge ourselves to engage the senses. Who knows what you could discover? Scroll on for more.


Rewrite a scene, but don’t allow yourself to use any visual description. Provide the entire experience to your reader–and your character–by using the remaining four senses.

Go outside. Sit for awhile. Then write about what you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear. Focus on the power of word choice to recreate the experience.

If you didn’t have one of your senses, how would life change? What would you miss? What might you gain?

If you gained a sense (whether an additional one or received one of the five you currently live without) what would it be? How would life be different? What would you miss? What might you gain?

Work through your character’s memory and look for how sensory experience has shaped who they are now.

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