Switch It Up

It’s Day 62 of the Write 100 group challenge. These middle days can be quite the struggle. Whether you’ve fallen behind on your calendar and don’t know if you should keep going or you’re still keeping up but are just going through the motions, we could all use some refreshment.

So we’re going to keep things simple around here. Give yourself a clean slate this weekend with a few little tricks to renew your writer’s energy.

Find a change of scene. 

Do you have one place that you always go to write? A particular chair you gravitate towards? A go-to writing spot can be a great thing. When you’re settling in it can send signals to your brain that it’s time to get to work. But there are times when the same spot on the couch day after day can turn things rather stale. Rather than get you focused, you can get more easily distracted.

So change things up a bit and branch out for your writing space from time to time. Find a library. Check out the coffee shop down the street. Set up a picnic blanket in the park. Try a less conventional writing spot. An empty stadium. The mall food court. We can write almost anywhere. Pick a spot that inspires your or takes you into the world of the story you have to tell.

A new environment will shake things up a bit and get your creative juices flowing.

Dress the part.

You know the adage, “dress well, test well.” I swear by it. There are two reasons, I think.

First, when we put a little extra effort into getting ready in the morning (especially when we don’t have to) we’ve already accomplished something. With one thing already accomplished, we gain the momentum to keep going.

Second, dressing up a little tends to give me a little confidence boost. A healthy dose of confidence is not a bad thing to carry into a day of writing. Plus, dressing up a little will remind you that you really do mean business.

Or wear something fun and different. Will a particular fashion choice help you get into your character’s head? Is there something you’ve been wanting to wear but just haven’t had the right moment? Let your clothes help you find some fresh perspective.

Take a tech break. 

Each time I step away from technology for a break (long or short) I’m always surprised at just how refreshed and how productive I am. Log out of Facebook, skip the daily (or more) Instagram scroll, let Twitter buzz on without you. The emails will still be there when you return. It probably won’t even hurt if your phone is powered off for a bit. I’ll even turn my Internet connection off completely for a time. Take it further and set your computer aside. Try writing all longhand for a day.

However you decide to structure your break, I recommend identifying what poses the greatest distraction and intentionally give it up for a day or more.

A change of rhythm may be just the thing to set you back on track. Who knows what doors may open when you switch things up? There’s only one way to find out.

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