Writing Together

When I started Write 100 back in February with the first 100-day challenge launching in early March, I didn’t know what would happen. Would the project catch on? Would others find it helpful, inspiring, useful? Or would it just be me writing on my own but pretending there were others following along?

There were many unknowns, but I did know that something needed to happen.

Writing is hard enough. Writing alone is even harder. And yet finding a writing community can be difficult.

Somehow, someway, writers of all backgrounds, interests, and experience levels needed to find each other and create a community of accountability and camaraderie to bolster our pursuit of the writing life.

This last year has surpassed my hopes for the project. That’s only because of all of you.

We’ve seen everyone from new writers to career authors come together over the last 9 months to share the journey.  We’ve written novels, short stories, poems, memoirs, essays, blogs, and journals. Most importantly, we’ve done so together.

Thank you for taking on this adventure with me. Thank you for how you support one another, believe in one another, and write together.

Thank you, also, to each of our blog contributors over the course of this challenge. They’ve shared glimpses of their writing lives with us. They’ve introduced us to new stories. They, too, have reminded us that we are not alone as they’ve come alongside us to inspire and challenge.

Today we reach the conclusion of our Fall 2018 challenge. One hundred days of writing is a remarkable feat. There are just two more things I encourage you to do as you finish strong…


You did it! You completed the Write 100 challenge. Congratulations!

This is a big deal. You made a commitment, you set a goal, and you stayed the course.

You were challenged. You were stretched. You tried something new.

For the last 100 days, you made writing part of your life. However much time you spent writing during this challenge, words and stories found life on the page where they hadn’t before. That’s important.

When you’ve completed your writing time today, celebrate what you’ve done. Share your words with a friend. (The Write 100 group would love to hear about your work!)

Find a way to mark the occasion in a way that is meaningful to you. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Celebrating this victory is not only significant for the sake of observing what you’ve done. Storing up the moments of victory will sustain you in the writing days ahead.

Don’t forget to join us on the Write 100 Facebook group to cheer one another on as we conclude our writing marathon.


A lot has happened in the last 100 days. It’s important to reflect on where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. Whatever your challenge looked like, I think its safe to say it was a learning experience for all. Take some time to write out your thoughts.

What have you learned from this process? About yourself? About your writing? About life? What strengths and weaknesses were uncovered during the challenge?

What was your original goal? Did you achieve it? Adjust it? Scrap it for something else entirely?

What will you do differently in the future? What will you keep the same?

Next Steps.

Endings are healthy. They provide us with boundaries and opportunities for refreshment. Today is the end of one challenge.

But it shouldn’t be the end of your commitment to writing, even if your goals look different at this time of year.

Build on the habits you’ve nurtured and the progress you’ve made over the last few months. Continue reaching out to fellow writers (use our Facebook group!). Read a book that inspires you; learn from the authors you admire.

Finish off 2018 strong. Then be sure to join us for our next Write 100 challenge coming at you in Spring(ish) 2019. Keep an eye on our website and social media for details. As always, the Write 100 team will be hard at work preparing bigger and better things for our writing family.

Thanks for writing! See you next time!

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