Should I Write 100?

So you’re thinking of taking the Write 100 challenge, but there’s something holding you back. You’re uncertain if this is really for you.

We can help with that. Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to take the Write 100 challenge.

Do you like to write?

Have you ever wanted to be a writer?

Do you find that your thoughts flow more clearly through a pen and onto a page?

Do you have stories in your head?

Have you been making excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t write?

Do you have trouble finding the time to write?

Do you enjoy the sounds of words?

Do you want to pay more attention to the world?

Could you use the accountability of your fellow writers?

Are you interested in learning more about craft and the writing life?

Could you use some encouragement to start the process and keep writing?

Would you like to be part of encouraging your fellow writers?

Is there a writing goal that you hope to achieve this year?

If you said yes to even one of these questions, then Write 100 is for you!

Write 100 is a challenge for writers, by writers. Regardless of experience, skill, style, or age, there’s a place for you. Your words are important. They belong on the page. Write 100 can help you get there.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re someone who would like writing to play a role in your life–big or small–join us!

2 thoughts on “Should I Write 100?

  1. So excited that this is back! And just in time, too, because I have a series I need to finish writing this Spring/Summer!


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