582712_455982477756378_1515045656_nhi there! I’m Rebecca, creator of Write 100. for as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write and tell stories. as life got busier I struggled to find the time I needed to hone my craft and pursue my dream. there was always something else to do, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to even fall asleep while trying to get some words on the page.

the idea for Write 100 came from an extra credit assignment in my college creative writing class. the challenge was to spend at least 15 minutes writing for 75 days straight. when the 75 days were over, I kept going. I made it over 100 days before I was done. all while juggling my heaviest load of college classes yet. I’d never produced so much in so little time. the more often I wrote, the more momentum I gained.

the challenge was just the combination of consistency and accountability I needed to take my writing life to the next level. that’s why I’ve launched Write 100. it’s a simple way for writers of all kinds to come together and get rid of the excuses and distractions. write more. write better. Write 100.

meet the team.

our team of contributors are writers like you. Write 100 wouldn’t be possible without them. get to know them, explore their work, and connect.


Eleanor Roth is a reader of all things and a writer of adult and YA science fiction. Based in Chicago, she’s the Assistant to the President at Browne & Miller Literary Associates and she reviews middle grade and young adult science fiction for Booklist. A native of Los Angeles, Ellie has also worked as a production assistant in the film/TV industry. She holds a BA in writing from Wheaton College and is currently in the University of Chicago’s manuscript editing certificate program. You find her on Twitter at @Ellie_Roth.


Kate has always thought of herself as more of a reader than a writer, but she’s slowly learning to step into her long-standing bent toward writing. (The first Write 100 Challenge was a great kick in the pants.) A 2017 graduate of Wheaton College, she currently lives in Munich, where she teaches English to rambunctious German teenagers. In her spare time she reads, explores Europe, and blogs at The Wilds of Wonder.


Laura Wruck won twenty-five dollars in a high school writing contest. Entranced by the riches and glory offered by the writing life, she turned her contest submission into the first chapter of her current project, Keeper of the House, a fiction novel meant to captivate middle-grade readers. A 2017 graduate from Wheaton College, she lives in the Chicago area with her husband, Tim, and dog-son, Otto.



An avid lover of fairy tale and a sometimes successful dabbler in Shakespeare and sarcasm, Rebeka Borshevsky dreams, reads, and writes from the cold northern climate of Canada. A graduate of Redeemer University College with an Honours Degree in English Writing and a minor in history, she has been published in the university’s literary magazine as well as on various online websites. When she’s not writing orsearching for Narnia, she can be found planning a new globetrot. Twitter: twitter.com/DreamofWriting (Photo credit: Sarah-Ann Wijngaarden)



Sam Hayes

Novelist, screenwriter. Author of The Weather Man.

Personal: www.samhayes.space

Novel: www.readmybooknow.com

Personal IG: @sam.hayes

Writing IG: @storiesbysam

Tim AkersTim Akers was born in deeply rural North Carolina, the only son of a theologian, and the last in a long line of telephony princes, tourist trap barons, and gruff Scottish bankers. He lives in the greater Chicagoland area with his wife and a lot of dice. He is the author of the Burn Cycle from Solaris Books, The Horns of Ruin from PYR, and the Hallowed War trilogy from Titan Books.


582712_455982477756378_1515045656_nRebecca Fox knew she would be a writer when, in 3rd grade, the teacher told the class to write a 1 page story, but she wrote 3 pages instead. Since that day her stories have gotten longer and longer. When not dreaming up new stories or encouraging other writers to do the same, she’s likely found obnoxiously cheering on her favorite football teams. Rebecca received her BA from Wheaton College where she studied English and Biblical Studies. She lives and works in central Iowa. Follow her on Instagram for musings on life and adventures in writing: @rfoxwrites.