Inspiring Indies: Wisdom from Indie Pros

For those of you who are ready to look into the publishing stage of writing, indie publishing offers an opportunity you shouldn't overlook. Today I'm very pleased to share some advice from two indie author friends of mine, Savannah Jezowski and Tammy Lash. I asked them a series of questions about what the indie publishing process … Continue reading Inspiring Indies: Wisdom from Indie Pros

Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

I am a huge fan of graphic novels/comics, manga, and web comics. If you asked me, I could toss a slew of recommendations at you for these genres. There’s something about the combination of pictures and words that draws me in every time, perhaps because I dabble in art as well. Back when I first … Continue reading Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

Writing Prompt: Laughter

For today’s writing prompt, we’re going to look at characters’ senses of humour. What would your character find funny? What is the funniest joke he or she has ever heard? What sort of joke would he or she share with another character? How would those other characters react to that person’s joke? Is your character … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Laughter

Pep Talk Princess: Fighting With Failure

This post is going to go into very real, very raw territory. But that is something that is needed when establishing community, and I think it’s something every writer faces: the idea of failure. I’m going to be completely honest: as a writer, I’ve failed A LOT. Even in the past six months, I entered … Continue reading Pep Talk Princess: Fighting With Failure

Buddies + Brainstorming

“It’s a fact universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a pen/typewriter/computer must be in want of a brainstorming partner.” – Jane Austen in 2018 It’s a common belief that writing is a solitary endeavour—you see that notion everywhere. It’s perhaps the reason why many of us writers blog; because we are lonely and … Continue reading Buddies + Brainstorming

Writing Prompt: Puppy Love

For this week’s writing prompt, we’re going to explore your main character and their relationship with animals. Lots of books have animal sidekicks, and if you’re still in the process of character building, this could be a fun exercise! Let’s pretend your main character is going to an animal shelter, perhaps one like in the … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Puppy Love