The Writer’s Library

If you haven't noticed, writers like to write about writing. It's only natural. The written word is our natural form of expression and mental processing so we write about our experiences with the craft and pursuit of our art. But writing about writing also serves to connect us to one another. We learn from the … Continue reading The Writer’s Library

Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

I am a huge fan of graphic novels/comics, manga, and web comics. If you asked me, I could toss a slew of recommendations at you for these genres. There’s something about the combination of pictures and words that draws me in every time, perhaps because I dabble in art as well. Back when I first … Continue reading Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

You Write What You Read

Why did you start writing?  What pushed you to tell your story? We all have different journeys that have led us to discover writing and the part it plays in our lives. But if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that most (if not all) of our journeys into the writing life may be … Continue reading You Write What You Read