Writing Prompt: Letter to Yourself

Your character opens the mailbox and finds a letter addressed in strangely familiar handwriting. The letter claims to be a note from your character to him or herself. Is it from the past? Or from the future? What happens next? Write a letter to yourself. Will you write to your future self? Your past self? … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Letter to Yourself

Setting Goals You Can Achieve

So you're ready to embark on the Write 100 challenge. You're excited to commit yourself to writing more. But it's not enough to print off your challenge calendar and just write. The excitement and energy of the challenge is fresh on this first day, but it's important to give yourself what you need to cross … Continue reading Setting Goals You Can Achieve

Set Yourself Up for 100 Successful Days

We're almost two weeks into the challenge of writing every day for one hundred days and whether you've been feeling like the Little Engine That Could Write The Great American Novel in A Hundred Days or more like a stalled car someone abandoned on the side of the freeway, this is a great time to … Continue reading Set Yourself Up for 100 Successful Days