Writing Together

When I started Write 100 back in February with the first 100-day challenge launching in early March, I didn't know what would happen. Would the project catch on? Would others find it helpful, inspiring, useful? Or would it just be me writing on my own but pretending there were others following along? There were many … Continue reading Writing Together

7 Days to Go!

It's that time again. The next Write 100 Group Challenge gets underway just one week from today. Join fellow writers around the world for 100 days of putting pen to paper.   If you've ever wanted writing to be part of your life this challenge will help you cultivate a sustainable writing practice as you … Continue reading 7 Days to Go!

Summer Vacation: A Writer’s Guide

Summer brings new places and new routines. With our first group challenge completed, the writing routine may look a little different too. It's important to take advantage of times of transition and different paces of life to bolster our writing. The most important thing is to keep writing. Find a writing routine that works for you, … Continue reading Summer Vacation: A Writer’s Guide

100 Days of Words + News

One hundred days ago we were still in the throes of a seemingly endless winter (at least in my part of the world). One hundred days ago we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. One hundred days ago there were words and ideas locked away inside of each of us. Today, we've reached … Continue reading 100 Days of Words + News

Giveaway Results!

The moment we've all been waiting for. Today we get to discover the lucky winner of a brand new journal. Congratulations to Yakira G.! I hope you'll enjoy filling the pages of this journal during the next few months. If you're seeing this here, check your email for info. To everyone else who entered, thanks … Continue reading Giveaway Results!

Writing Lessons on Ice: Day 1

When I was a kid my great dream was to be an Olympic figure skater. Truth be told, that dream lives on in a corner of my heart. I was--and still am--mesmerized by the ease and grace with which the accomplished skaters sped and leaped and twirled across the ice. And not a little impressed … Continue reading Writing Lessons on Ice: Day 1

1 Week to Go + Giveaway!

One week from right now the very first Write 100 Group Challenge will be getting underway. And we can't wait! Already we've heard from writers of all ages, stages, and styles gearing up to take the challenge. Pencils are being sharpened, notebooks selected, ideas assembled, and writing spaces prepped. Whether you're planning to begin a … Continue reading 1 Week to Go + Giveaway!

Are You Ready to Write 100?

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so excited that you're exploring Write 100. This challenge is designed with one goal in mind: to help writers of all ages and stages to stop waiting and start writing. And the task is simple: write a little bit every day for 100 days. Whether you write stories … Continue reading Are You Ready to Write 100?