What to Expect from Write 100

It's here. The Spring 2019 Challenge begins now.  Your goals are set. Your calendar is ready. The words and ideas are whirling through your head. Writers from around the country and across the world have accepted the challenge to spend the next 100 days committed to writing every day. It's an exciting thought. Just imagine … Continue reading What to Expect from Write 100

The Home Stretch: Finishing Well

I will let you all in on a little secret. I'm not a runner. The closest I've ever come to running a marathon was a 5k turkey trot one of my more fitness-keen friends convinced me to run with her during my freshman year of college. She said it would be fun, we'd take it … Continue reading The Home Stretch: Finishing Well

Writing Prompt: Late

Yep, I am definitely late posting this week's writing prompt. I got thrown off with the long weekend here in the States. So, let's write about being late. We've all been there, right? Write about a time when you were running late. What happened? What held you up? Did it have a funny ending? A … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Late

Storytelling Tips from A Quiet Place

When I walked into a showing of the film A Quiet Place earlier this week I expected thrills, chills, and awkward popcorn munching in an otherwise silent theatre. I didn't know that I was heading into not only an entertaining and intriguing movie but also a display of excellent storytelling. I came out of the theatre energized … Continue reading Storytelling Tips from A Quiet Place

You Write What You Read

Why did you start writing?  What pushed you to tell your story? We all have different journeys that have led us to discover writing and the part it plays in our lives. But if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that most (if not all) of our journeys into the writing life may be … Continue reading You Write What You Read

Get Out of the Way

"No thinking--that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is...to write, not to think!" --Finding Forrester (2000) If you haven't seen the film Finding Forrester, starring Sean Connery as a reclusive writer and Rob Brown as a gifted young man from inner city … Continue reading Get Out of the Way

Silencing Your Inner Jerk: Writing and Perfectionism

Many, many people before me have written about how to deal with the "inner critic" but, personally, I've never liked that term very much. To call the voice that tells me day in and day out that I have not written enough (and that what I have written belongs deeply buried in the world's smelliest … Continue reading Silencing Your Inner Jerk: Writing and Perfectionism

Writing Prompt: Senses

There's something fascinating about the way the written word allows us to capture and utilize all five of our senses. That doesn't mean it's easy to get it down on the page and make it feel real to your reader, though. With today's writing prompts let's challenge ourselves to engage the senses. Who knows what … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Senses

Set Yourself Up for 100 Successful Days

We're almost two weeks into the challenge of writing every day for one hundred days and whether you've been feeling like the Little Engine That Could Write The Great American Novel in A Hundred Days or more like a stalled car someone abandoned on the side of the freeway, this is a great time to … Continue reading Set Yourself Up for 100 Successful Days